Coffee Craft Collection

100% kona coffee beans.

Make these projects and gifts in just a few simple steps.

paid tree skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt Instructions

Circle your tree with this plaid skirt, which you can sew in five easy steps.

halloween stairway

Spell Out a Spooky Message on the Stairs with Pumpkins

Step up your Halloween decor this year.

striped tablecloth

Striped Tablecloth Project

Painted lines transform humble canvas into a fancy tablecloth with French country flavor.
x-ray machine costume

Lego Costume

This revealing look clearly illustrates paint’s possibilities for a costume that fits adults and teens.


A Truly Creepy Candle to Make this Halloween

Afraid of the dark? Illuminate the night with these marvelously macabre candleholders.

halloween craft paranormal portraits

How to Make Paranormal Portraits

You’ll never look at loved ones the same way after transforming their images into a ghostly display.

lego costume

Lego Costume

With glossy spray paint and round boxes, construct a building block costume that can’t be beat.

black and white pumpkins

Black & White Painted Pumpkins

Throw away the knife, and pick up a paintbrush to create these bold pumpkin designs.

pumpkins with lantern decoration

Lantern Pumpkins

For a fresh take on the traditional jack o’ lantern, try a classic lamp design that glows from within.
pumpkin with moon decoration

Crescent Moon Pumpkin

Create a modern jack-o-lantern that shines as bright as the moon itself.

hand rake wine glass rack

Clever Uses for a Hand Rake

Find out how to make a wineglass rack, necktie holder, and letter organizer with a simple garden hand rake.
valentine cupcake with topper

Valentine Rosette Cupcake Topper

Learn to make these vintage-inspired paper cupcake toppers, perfect for Valentine’s Day treats!

side table decorated with shells

The Sailor’s Valentine

In the 19th century, men at sea brought intricate shell souvenirs home to loved ones. Today Lynda Susan Hennigan is revitalizing the art with finely crafted shellworks of her own.


Make a Felted Sweater Tote

Sweater totes make a great gift or donation to a community fund-raiser. Use the carryalls for light shopping, as a second handbag, or to stash a knitting project.

beeswax rolled candle on pedestal

Basic Recipe for Rolled Candles

Although rolled candles are by far the easiest to make, they create lasting impressions. Paraffin wax is available in sheets, but cross-hatched beeswax is much easier to work with and adds a distinctive flair.

seashell candles

Candles in Seashells

Lovely on their own or as a companion to sand candles, these small lights celebrate the beach and the summer. Collect only good-sized empty shells, or save the shells from your next clambake or oyster fest.
candles in bottles

Dried Flower Candles

Embed flowers onto a candle by affixing dried flowers to the surface, then over-dipping in clear wax. This technique works especially well with interestingly shaped leaves and flat blooms.
three tree branches with candles inside

Birch-Tree Bark Candles

These wonderful, woodsy candles may test your carpentry skills, but they are well worth the effort. Beech and birch, both white and red, all work well and the effect, when you light these candles, is enchanting.

candle with cinnamon sticks

Creating Scented Candles

By pouring a basic mold and adding a bit of perfume or essential oil, you can create scented candles to your personal specifications.
candles in tins

Making Candles in Tins

Tea tins are ideal for making these simple but effective container candles. However, you can also use olive oil jugs, sardine cans, or any other tin imaginable to make beautiful and colorful displays!

beeswax candles

Rolled Beeswax Tapers

Just a simple variation on basic rolled candles, these charming tapers combine a homemade touch with a feeling of elegance.


Free Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Greeting Cards

Send free greetings, create scrapbooks and more!

Stampin’ Up!

Order your Country Living stamp kit today
holiday stamp kit

Country Living Holiday Collection Stampin’ Kit

Here you have it: the Country Living Holiday Collection Stampin’ Kit.

monica michael willis, frances bailey, teresa mcfayden

More from Silver Bella Craft Workshops

See more photos of the Silver Bella crafters weekend in Omaha, Nebraska
oak leaf wreath

DIY Wreath Ideas

Decorate your home with an easy-to-assemble seasonal wreath
patchwork aprons

The Sisterhood of Crafts

Each November crafters flock to Omaha, Neb., for Silver Bella, a weekend getaway that promises fun, fellowship, and craft workshops

small chocolate pumpkin cakes

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Chocolate-y pumpkins replace the real thing on a Halloween dessert table
pumpkins on shelves outside

Glowing Gourds

Artfully decorate your pumpkins in gold and silver for a glittering Halloween display
shelves of lampshades

A New Look for a Basic Shade

Expert crafter Melissa Neufeld offers illuminating ideas for lampshades

scary cat stencil cake

Scary Cat Stencil

Create this spooky Halloween cake with our Scary Cat stencil.
floral trimmed plates with words hung on a wall

Letter-Perfect Craft Ideas

For a house that speaks volumes, make clever and thrifty use of words.
pumpkin carving

Making Jack-o’-Lanterns Last

Ordinarily, cut pumpkins stay fresh for only a few days. To keep them going for as long as possible, follow these tips.

butternut squash soup inside pumpkin

Seasonal Soups

Try these two recipes for comforting autumn soups
flowers inside a pumpkin

Pumpkin Vases

Pumpkins make special vases to display flowers on a holiday table

Pumpkin Chandelier

Find out how to dress up your lighting with pumpkin decorations

pumpkin risotto with pumpkin butter

Repurposed Pumpkins

Colorful gourds make charming serving dishes for pumpkin-centric recipes
pumpkin votive

Pumpkin Votive

Find out about using pumpkins as votive candle holders at your dinner table

Autumn Harvest: Pumpkin Display

Showcase your autumn harvest under a trio of elegant glass cloches for truly festive decorating.

small white pumpkin with x written on it

Pumpkin Place Cards

Personalize a tiny pumpkin or gourd as a name card at a holiday table setting
different types of pumpkin stacked into a tower

Pumpkin Tower

Pile pumpkins one on top of the other for a colorful seasonal display
three different colored small pumpkins in white bowls

Piebald Tropical Pumpkins

Piebald tropical pumpkins are characterized by variegated color. Learn more about these wonderful gourds.

pumpkin painted with flower design

Decorating Cinderella Pumpkins

Choose a Cinderella pumpkin for a perfect shade of orange
pumpkin with curly s pattern

Swirl Pattern Pumpkins

Decorate pumpkins with free-hand swirls
three pumpkins on a red table in the woods

Pumpkin Carving Tips

Check out these helpful hints for carving your Halloween pumpkin

pumpkin with carved thorny vines

Thorny Vine Pattern Pumpkin

Pick an antique china pattern to use on your Halloween pumpkins
pumpkin by oak tree

Pumpkin Decorations Take Inspiration from Nature

Oak trees offers a pattern for pumpkin decorations
pumpkin with curly design carved in skin

Pumpkin Decorating with Vermicelli Curlicues

Decorate a pumpkin with elegant Vermicelli curlicues.

Enter Country Living’s contest to exhibit your quilt creations at the International Quilt Festival in November.

exterior and gold and navy sign of nantucket stock exchange

Get Ready for Fashion Camp

At her Nantucket shop, Cheryl Fudge fosters her guests’ creative spirit.
a wooden chair with pleather cushion surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap

The $53 Chair Makeover

This find gets a boost with paint, fabric, and dressmaker details, all for $53.
A floral foam ring makes for easy assembly of a summer wreath

All-American Floral Wreath

An all-American floral treatment you can make in under an hour.

country living editor kirsten fields looking at doodlebug wares

Favorite Finds from CHA’s Annual Craft Show

Country Living editors share their favorite finds from Anaheim.
an elastic headband with off-white doilies sewn to it

Accessorize with Vintage Doilies

See how these ubiquitous lace beauties transform into fashion accessories.
A white lamp with a lampshade covered in draped doilies.

Decorate with Vintage Doilies

See how these ubiquitous lace beauties transform into home decor.

A stack of lace doilies folded in a pile on a cake stand.

Delightful Ways with Doilies

See how these ubiquitous lace beauties transform into contemporary home accents and fashion accessories.
A handmade sewing kit in a vintage-looking egg carton.

Storage Solutions

Transform household goods into innovative containers. Here, three organizing solutions that will help you stay on top of your to-do list in style.
Green canvas handbag with decorative fabric yo-yos

Pretty Little Yo-Yos

Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson, a.k.a. the Farm Chicks, specialize in giving new stuff vintage appeal. Here, three projects that make colorful yo-yos the main focus.

two red and white sink skirts hanging from a sink countertop in a bathroom

3 Quick Bathroom Updates

These easy tips can add luxury to your bath without calling on the contractor.
blue hand crocheted afghan from virginia designed by vickie p story

Blue Ribbon Afghans from America’s State Fairs: Virgina

The clever geometric pattern of this afghan was inspired by a paint advertisement. Download the pattern and instructions here!
colorful kaleidoscope afghan from new mexico

Blue Ribbon Afghans from America’s State Fairs: New Mexico

This glorious explosion of color perfectly captures the excitement of the state fair. Download the pattern and instructions here for free!

Printable instructions for creating the ghost mirror as seen in the 2008 House of the Year. Our editors used medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood (and a professional carpenter) for this project. You can do it yourself at home with a small utility knife (like an X-acto) and sheet of solid foam core. The final dimensions for this project are 24" W x 36" H.

Make a Ghost Mirror

Printable instructions for creating the ghost mirror as seen in the 2008 House of the Year.

short sleeve sweater wool pencil skirt orange slip dress and blue cardigan for men

Ohio Knitting Mills

At his Brooklyn shop, Steven Tatar offers a new generation of stylish shoppers the chance to wear graphic knitwear that was produced in one of America’s most prolific mills from the 1940s to the ’70s.

wrapping workstation

Make a Wrapping Station

Make space in your home for a holiday wrapping station that will double as a craft space all year long. It’s easy, efficient, and pretty!

holiday wrapping center

Build a Paper Rack

Pretty papers and ribbons make holiday gift-giving festive! Build your own paper rack and include it in a wrapping station, just in time for the holidays!

teacup candle


Make one-of-a-kind candles with these easy instructions.
green pattern with sheep on it for baby blanket

FREE: Baby Blanket Pattern

Make this cuddly baby blanket! Pattern and instructions from Candi Jensen’s book, Candy Crochet

set of the knit and crochet today show

Behind the Scenes with Candi Jensen

Get a backstage look of the PBS show Knit & Crochet Today with Candi Jensen, executive producer and Country Living knit and crochet expert.
autumn harvest floral basket

Pumpkin Crafts

Easy to do, gorgeous for fall. Learn how to make this centerpiece.
fern in picture frame near windowsill

Framed Floating Fern

Create an eye-catching floating fern display, beautiful in front of a sunny window.

twig made frame

Woodland Crafts

Make use of nature’s raw materials with these projects from expert crafter Melissa Neufeld.

Virginia LaChance, Wool Spinner

Meet the newest inductee into the Country Living Guild.
vintage postcard wallets

Card Wallets

Download instructions and start your project today>>

paper leaf wreath

As Seen on Today: DIY Paper Leaf Wreath

Got the time? Make your own version of this stylish home decoration using kraft paper, foam core, and a plastic hook.
hostess cooking package

Personalized Gifts

Hosts and guests alike will appreciate the thoughtfulness of any of these customized, monogrammed tokens.
vintage dress

Flower Power from the Flea Market

Create an eye-catching look that’s all your own by introducing as-is flea market finds to your home and wardrobe.


Crafting Vintage Style

Create a fabric-covered box, a heart-shaped sachet, and more!
red box with ribbon and label

Memory Boxes

Cherished mementos don’t always fit in an album. Here’s a simple project that will help you safeguard them.
amy butler

Make a Patchwork Throw

A throw blanket is a necessity in your home just as your favorite cookie is with a cup of hot tea.

little girl with book

July 4th Projects

Print out these Victorian postcards to create old-fashioned 4th of July paper crafts and decorations.

18 Clever Summer-Ready Crafts You Can Make With Bandannas

In minutes, turn these pretty paisley squares into vibrant — and useful —accessories.
4th of july craft hats

4th of July Party Hats

Make your own patriotic place holders

blue and white wreath

Blue & White Summer Wreath Delight

A fabulous floral treatment in less than an hour!

Pink felt bag

Make a Tote

This felted wool tote will carry you through the season >>
Pink felt bag

Felted Tote Bag Instructions

The bag is knitted in stripes, then the bottom is sewn up and the bag is felted. Create knitted handles before felting or sew on plastic ones made from plastic tubing.

craftsman in his shop

Bryce Ritter, Furniture Maker

Using antique lumber and traditional joinery, Country Living Guild member Bryce Ritter builds anew.
white birdhouse with bark trim

A Birdhouse in the Hand

Lillian Rose’s whimsical little birdhouses aren’t just for the birds.
man standing behind giant birdhouse in a field

Rick LaChance, Birdhouse Maker

At home in Missouri, Country Living Guild member Rick LaChance turns salvaged wood and metal into birdhouses with architectural appeal.

man in work apron standing in front of shop with his dog

Letterpress Makes a Comeback

A new generation of designers is making sure this graphic printing process survives the computer age in style.
various rolls of ribbon on display

Vintage Notions

Have an obsession with beautiful ribbons, buttons, beads, and other trimmings? So do the shop owners featured here. Their passion for these tiny treasures inspires them to collect and share with like-minded customers.
woman standing inside the doorway of a vine covered studio

A Potter’s Passion

For nearly 25 years now, potter Joan Platt has been fashioning in her studio in Palisades, N.Y., elegant ceramic tableware that honors her reverence for simple forms.

craft room

Creating a Craft Room

When planning a craft room, accessibility is key. All the materials you need should be within reach.
woman sitting at an angled work table

Pamela Dalton, Paper Artisan

It’s called Scherenschnitte, a 16th-century Swiss-German folk-art tradition. Country Living Guild inductee Pamela Dalton is keeping the craft alive.


June Walters speaks about her specialized craft

Rose napkin rings

Napkin Rings

Make your own floral napkin holders

tub in bathroom

Expert Advice: Choosing a Toilet

Editors give advice about choosing the right toilet.
stacked fabric lined baskets

Making Baskets

Add homespun appeal to plain woven baskets with colorful fabric remnants in this simple project from expert crafter Melissa Neufeld.

multicolored floral and polka dot tote bags hanging on hooks with white blouse

Flowers by the Yard

Little seed money is required when using fabric remnants to infuse a blouse or tote with maximum flower power.
Stamped Paper Cups and Pitcher

Stamp with Style

Tap the energy that comes with spring to express your creativity

a fresh wreath made of vines leaves and summer berries

Make a Berry Wreath

Celebrate the season by creating a berry wreath and suspending it from your front door or garden trellis.
Watercolors by Gary & Mary Stretar

Gary & Mary Stretar, Painters

Country Living Guild members Gary and Mary Stretar paint in the same studio at their Ohio home, but they see different things.

shoes with ribbons on them

Put Spring in Your Step

Give everyday shoes a quick, colorful makeover.

Vintage Buttonhooks

Dr. Bruce Douglas is never buttoned up when it comes to talking about the vast collection of vintage buttonhooks. He and his wife, Jan, have been collecting them for 33 years
An Old Photo Album

Elegant Organization: Velvet Desktop Organizer

Craft expert Melissa Neufeld shows how to transform an antique velvet photo album into a desktop organizer.

green dresser

An Amazing Dresser Makeover

Rescue an old dresser
Hanging Tea Stained Tassels

Tea-Stained Fabrics

Use tea to decorate your home!
silver glass picture frames

The Great Frame-Up

When the Larson-Juhl company bought a venerable French frame-making atelier, the art of Europe came to America.


Flatware Holders

Another reason to smile when taking out your best silverware: pretty handmade holders. They’re also a nice gift.
magnetic fabric message board

4 Ways to Make a Message Board

Learn how to make a pretty message board.

Brian Laurich, Antique Wooden Sign Maker

Country Living Guild inductee Brian Laurich uses old painted wood surfaces as ready-made canvases to create antiques with messages.

wood spice cabinet

Antiquing a Cabinet

Country Living’s expert answers your questions about craft projects
blackboards made of plates

Make Your Own Blackboards

The writing is on the wall: Blackboards aren’t just for the schoolhouse. Learn how to make your own out of items you already have around the house.
halloween cards on bags with ribbon

Vintage Postcards as Party Invitations

Country Living’s expert answers your questions about craft projects.

pretty mothers day napkin and place setting

Mother’s Day Table Setting

Set a table with a mix of favorites, new and old.